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Madison, WI

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A little bit about me

I am currently co-owner of Colt Timeless Tattoos in Madison, Wisconsin. I moved to Madison in early 2012 and could not ask for better place to tattoo. I have been doing art my entire life. Beginning with pencils and crayons when I was young, and eventually gravitating more to markers and pens in recent years. I began my journey into tattooing in 2008 in a shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin with a pretty tough apprenticeship and I haven’t looked back since. I am always trying to better myself, whether it is trying different tattooing technique or even in my art outside of tattooing. I am always trying to learn. Some artists I gain inspiration from are Scott Olive, Jesse Smith, Timmy B and Jason Stephan. In general my tattooing style is a bit new school but I am able and enjoy doing other styles as well. I do a lot of black and grey pieces but I love to do fun color pieces as well.

I like to have fun while I am tattooing. I want it to be really relaxed and comfortable experience. I try to make getting tattooed a fun and memorable experience because it is going to be there forever along with the memories of getting it done so they better be good right! If you have any questions for me at all feel free to contact me here.